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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dealing with King Saul

If you are “living godly in Christ Jesus” you are going to be persecuted.  As an evangelistic Christian, you will have enemies, but always keep in mind that the Bible says that our enemies are spiritual (see Ephesians 6:12). We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against a very real demonic world. Satan hates you and has a rotten plan for your life, and you will have times when you are hounded by the enemy, as David was hounded by King Saul.

Like David, you may find yourself fleeing from your own family and hiding out in some cave--you will feel like life is cold, hard and without comfort.  The enemy wants to make you bitter at those who persecute you, but don’t go there. Be like David when it came to his attitude to king Saul. Never harbor resentment against anybody, not matter how they treat you. The enemy doesn’t get victory through the trials that come your way.  He gets victory if you get bitter through them.

Therefore pray for those who persecute you, and keep in mind that attacks will almost always come from where you least expect it. Friendly-fire is just as destructive enemy-fire.  It hurts a little more when you’ve been shot in the back by those who you thought were on your side.  When I’m persecuted for Christ, I pray for the persecutor and I often send him or her a gift basket.  If it’s something horrible and I feel like crumbling, I instead go somewhere private and I leap for joy. That’s what Jesus said to do (see Luke 6:22-24), and so I do it. I physically leap for joy. Try it. It will probably make you laugh.  It shows that despite being in a lion’s den, you trust God.

To be continued...