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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hitler, God & the Bible

Owing to pressing commitments for radio interviews for his new book, Ray won’t be posting until Monday 13th.

“A must read for everybody. A big eye-opener. I heavily recommend it.” Rita Cosby

“So eager was I to read this book (I’m a major Ray Comfort fan), that I read it over dinner one evening, turning pages with one hand while using a fork at a local Bavarian restaurant with the other. Comfort, a keen observer of worldview in the teeming masses that bob and weave through our culture, has not only penned what I feel is an extraordinary book … but he also hints that this is the first in a series! And that sums it up quite well. With Hitler, God & the Bible, Ray Comfort has launched what I hope will be a hugely successful series. This is a book without weakness. From the superb, succinct research and writing, to the elegant production values of this slim volume, readers have received a real gift. Hitler, God & the Bible is already on pace to become my Book of the Year.”

Available here.