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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peter: Impetuous

I identify with Peter. Without too much thought, I’m quick to try and walk on water, and sometimes my shallow thinking gets me into hot water. That’s why I surround myself with godly people. I bounce ideas off those I respect because there’s wisdom in the multitude of counselors. What may seem like a great idea is sometimes seen to be a disaster, when someone else gives another perspective.

If you have to make an important decision, make sure that you get godly counsel. You want to be sure that Jesus is with you so that if you begin to sink, you can take hold of His hand. I have to also say that I love Peter’s thoughtless faith. It makes no sense to step onto water, but he did. He is the only person (besides Jesus) in the entire human race to have the amazing experience of walking on water. I don’t know what the consensus would have been from the other 11 disciples if he had asked for a show of hands as to who thought it would be a good idea to step out of the boat. In this case he didn’t need to hear from the disciples, because he had heard from Jesus.

There is one area that you can be sure that you have heard from Jesus. He has told you to step out into the waters of evangelism (see Mark 16:15), and He promises to be with you as you reach out to the lost (see Matthew 28:19-20). Don’t listen to your fears. Step out today and do something out of the natural realm, before you change your mind and do nothing.