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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter Five: The City of Light

It was now May, 1940. Hitler was attacking Holland and Belgium with his "Blitzkrieg." Jerry huddled close to an old wireless and listened to the BBC report that hundreds of Nazi planes had swooped over their cities, dropping German parachutists often dressed in Dutch military uniforms. Holland's queen issued a statement saying: "After our country, with scrupulous conscientiousness had observed strict neutrality . . . Germany made a sudden attack on our territory without any warning."

The Belgium Prime Minister declared "a state of alarm," and hoped that Britain and France would come to their aid. The Germans said their reason for attacking both countries was because they believed that Britain and France were about to use them as stepping stones to invade Germany. The German Foreign Minister stated:

"The Allies were preparing an onslaught on Germany which the Reich could not tolerate. In the life and death struggle thrust upon the German people, the Government does not intend to await an attack by Britain and France."

It took only two weeks for Germany to conquer Holland and Belgium, taking them right to the English Channel, making the Allies very nervous. They were fully aware what was next on Hitler's agenda.

France's Premier Paul Reynaud was grieved at the loss of the two countries, saying that their surrender made the situation "dark" and "grave."

The next day Jerry heard that President Roosevelt, in an effort to prepare for the worst-‑direct involvement in the war, announced plans to train 50,000 war pilots. Congress supported him, and passed legislation backing his proposal.

To be continued.