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Friday, April 27, 2012


Connie's old flame kept his word, and the couple laughed together as they read about themselves and looked at a large picture of the both of them clad in farm gear and standing next to their beloved dogs. The only mention of the war was a small piece of alliteration, with which the reporter couldn't help but finish his article. It merely said,

"The Adamson's love their life in Otley; especially American‑born Mr. Adamson, who says frankly that he finds farming a far cry from when he fought fearlessly for four years fighting for the French Freedom Fighters." That made them laugh even more.

There was now another mouth to feed on the famous farm. The new edition was a seven-pound baby girl named Elizabeth. The arrival changed their lives radically. No longer did they go out together in the cool of the early morning to the barn to release the dogs, and trips in the truck entailed only Jerry and the two wagging tails. The baby had to be taken care of and that was something they both accepted gladly. Six months later, she was pregnant again with what turned out to be a boy they named Johnny.

The change in their lifestyle was the main reason Jerry took on a hired hand. The new worker's name was Bill Lovock and when he showed up at the farm one day looking for work, Jerry hired him on the spot. He was a good worker but he kept to himself. That didn't worry Jerry too much because he liked the private seclusion of his own lifestyle with his family.

Bill Lovock did however, open up when it came to one subject‑‑the war, but those conversations were one‑sided. The "discussions" were more Bill giving his opinion rather than the two of them discussing anything. The man seemed to have some sort of resentment towards Winston Churchill, which wasn't unheard of. Some were jealous of his political success, and Jerry had merely written off Bill's attitude as "everyone to his own."

About a week after the new worker was hired, they received a call from the Adamson's accountant in Texas. It wasn't unusual to get mail from the States, but it was uncommon to get a long distance call. Jerry's mother often wrote and told him what was going on in his native country and her letters were always positive and informative. But Connie watched his face turn pale as he listened to the Texas drawl on the other end of the line.

The man gently explained that he had some very sad news. Mrs. Adamson had been tragically killed in a head‑on collision with a cattle truck when she was returning from Dallas late the previous night. After surveying the scene and finding no skid marks, the police came to the conclusion that she had gone to sleep at the wheel of her pickup. The other driver had been treated at the hospital and released. Vance, the accountant insisted that there was no need to return to the U.S., and that he would arrange the funeral and send him details on the farm's financial status.

To be continued...