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Monday, April 2, 2012

For the free world...

Thanks to Resistance expertise in travel documentation and a willing French fisherman and his sturdy vessel, it wasn’t long before the two men were on the Island of Corsica. Jerry felt as though he had already been there, especially after he was given a crash course of the island and its history during the one hundred mile boat trip. It was the birthplace of Napoleon, was strikingly beautiful and was the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. Simply put, the island looked like a mountain range jutting out of the sea. It was covered with hills and steep mountains, except for the eastern side of the island, which was primarily a coastal plain. That’s where they had decided to land the fishing vessel.

After landing, the two men quickly made contact with the local Resistance who informed them that the Nazis had closed a vital link between two parts of the Island. Their first mission was given to them within minutes of their arrival. They were to take out a guard post not too far from where they landed. They would have the invaluable help of two attractive female members of the Resistance who lived on that part of the Island.

For nearly an hour, the two men and the two women rehearsed the attack. Camile and Simone would let down the back tire of their car. They would also let down their hair and let down their blouses over their shoulders, so that they would look like a couple of loose women. They told both of the men that they hated doing this, because they were church-going women. One of them quoted the words of Solomon--something about a man being brought “to a piece of bread” by a “whorish woman.” In other words, when a loose woman tempts a man, he has little or no resistance. They were counting on the truth of this verse.

Simone said that when her younger sister raped by a young German soldier, a Nazi doctor had aborted the pregnancy. It was a nightmare for her sister and she would never be the same. Another friend, who refused to become a “call girl” for the soldiers, was raped and then shot through the head by the soldier that raped her. He said that her sister had tried to kill him and that it was self-defense. There was no official inquiry about the incident.As Jerry waited in the bushes, his heart pounded as hard as it did when he hid under the floor of the bakery in Bialystock. He never found killing another human being to be easy. He had to become detached--like a killing-machine. He dare not let his fears, or his emotions, let him think about what he was doing. He just did it. He did it for France. He did it for the free world...for his father.

To be continued.