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Monday, April 16, 2012

The old radio

It was January 20, 1944, as Jerry sat in his room back in Paris, he felt a deep sense of satisfaction for the role he played in finding key German installations. He reached out and fine-tuned an old radio as he listened to the BBC. It cracked:

"The RAF dropped 2,300 tons of bombs over Berlin today, just one week after a massive array of 1,400 American planes darkened the central German skies, unloading a barrage of bombs that obliterated three key Nazi aircraft assembly plants. Despite the loss of 59 heavy bombers and five fighter jets, the United States Eighth Air Force called its assault a 'major military success' and German dispatches even acknowledged that 'the enemy (was) technically superior.' The three plants that were hit were Oschersieben, Halberstadt and Brunswick, all-important factories of war for the Third Reich. Virtually all available planes in the Luftwaffe arsenal, (about 100) were used in defense. Of those, 28 were downed by American fighters."