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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Atheism’s Illegitimate Father

Atheists must have been overjoyed to discover the writings of Mark Twain--where they found a deep mine of eloquent anti-God material. Samuel Clemons chose the word “Twain” for his pseudonym, meaning “two.” But this man more than duplicated himself. The Internet spread his words like a wildfire, and his clones reproduced faster than in-season rabbits, scattering his vile words, joyfully calling God a “thug,” saying that people were dead before they were born, and that the afterlife will be a similar state.

Mark Twain was deeply offended by the God of the Old Testament and by religious hypocrisy. However, he was never so foolish as to claim to be an atheist. He is the illegitimate father of modern atheism.

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