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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Sleeping Conscience

Mark Twain said, "Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal." It is good advice indeed to have good friends and good books, but to instruct to have a sleepy conscience is a philosophy for criminals. It is the ideal for fools.

Conscience should be a best friend who should be treated with the utmost respect. To ignore its voice of warning is to treat it like an enemy. Twain’s twisted guidance should rather have been “Good friends, the Good Book, and a conscience that is awake and doing its duty: this is the ideal.”

His words reveal his love for that which the conscience exposes and condemns—lying, theft, blasphemy, fornication, lust, adultery, godlessness, and all the other vices the human heart so joyfully embraces. Conscience should rather be awake, and diligently standing guard as a vigilant soldier on duty, watching for any infiltration of the deadly enemy.

Talk about having a primed and alert conscience flies in the face of this godless world. This is because they don’t see sin as an enemy, but as a beloved friend. They embrace it, and they mock those who fight against it. However, on Judgment Day, that friend will prove to be a deadly Judas, and those who fall under its deception will see that guilt-free sin is a delusion.

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