Hover over Romans 1:20-22 for proof of God's existence, and over Matthew 5:27-28 for Judgment Day’s perfect standard. Then hover over John 3:16-18 for what God did, and over Acts 17:30-31 for what to do.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Big Three

What is it that keeps most people from coming to Christ? That question probably has a three-fold answer: 1. Pride, 2. Love for sin, and 3. A lack of knowledge. The Bible tells us, “The wicked, for the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God” (Psalm 10:4). Sin and pride are intertwined. We puff our rebellious chest against the heavens and say, “Who is God to tell me what to do?” There’s no fear of God before our eyes. The reason we don’t fear Him is because we lack knowledge. We cling to our image of God like a child clings to his security blanket, and if you have ever tried to separate a child from his blanket, you will know what a hard job that is. But that’s what me must do (with the help of God)--separate the sinner from his idol. And the way to do that is to preach the Commandments, as Jesus did. The moral Law makes the issue clear--God is holy, and He will not tolerate sin in any form, nor will He tolerate any other gods before Him. That’s right--God is politically incorrect. He is uncompromisingly intolerant. Hell with prove that. The light of the Law not only exposes idolatry, but it humbles the sinner, and gives him the knowledge that without the grace of God, he will perish. So never despise God’s Law, and never neglect it when heralding the glorious cross.