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Friday, December 28, 2007

Where’s Moses?

The Scriptures tell us that Israel lost sight of Moses, so they asked Aaron to make them their own god. So Aaron, listening to the voice of the people, asked Israel to contribute to make an idol, and everyone had something to give. He then created the golden calf, and that’s what Israel bowed down to (see Exodus 32). When church leaders listen to the voice of the people, they end up with an idol. If we asked America what their image of God is like, most would give their contribution and say that He is loving, kind, merciful, and good. “God is a good God” isn’t just alliteration. It is the image America has of God, and it has created that image because it has lost sight of Moses. When the Law is preached, suddenly God isn’t only good, but He is perfect, holy, just, and good. Without the Law of Moses to give us perspective on the character of God we end up worshipping a golden calf, and when mammon is worshipped, like Israel, the nation ends up in a sexual orgy. And then comes the predictable judgment of God. There only way to bring this nation to its senses is to do what Moses did--cast the Law down at its feet, show them that they have broken it into a thousand pieces, and ask “Who is on the Lord’s side?”