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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Atheist’s Battle

Imagine there’s no Heaven (it’s easy if you try), with no Hell below us, and above us only sky. Imagine that--death is the end, with no hope of eternal life. If that's the case, we will know nothing about it, because there won't be an after life. There will just be death. The Christian misses out on eternity.

But think of the poor atheist, if he doubts what he believes and begins to imagine that there’s a God (it’s easy if you try), a Hell below us, and above more than sky. Imagine if he imagines that there is actually a burning fire in the heart of the earth (as science tells us), and that there’s an infinite space above us (as science tells us). Imagine that. Fire below, the infinite heavens above.

Like many nowadays, John Lennon imagined only sky. His mind was limited. However, the Christian’s mind isn't closed. By the grace of God, he has expanded his horizon. For him, nothing is impossible.