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Friday, March 28, 2008

Expelled Review

It's 11:20 PM Friday night. We have just returned from watching a special Hollywood screening of Ben Stein's "Expelled." I didn't know what to expect as this isn't a Christian movie. But after seeing it, I can say that it is phenomenal. The highlight was watching the king of evolution, Richard Dawkins, fall off his throne, big-time. He melted like soft wax on a hot Vegas sidewalk in July. He went from a bold and confident man to a pathetic little mouse, in a moment. He even admitted that he isn't an atheist. It was wonderful to see him so humbled by a few probing questions from Ben Stein.

I am going to do everything I can to promote this movie. Please go and see it when it is released across the country on the 18th of April. It exposes the blatant hypocrisy of the censorship of ideas, and the freedoms that this country was founded upon.

It’s now morning, and I have had more time to think clearly about “Expelled.” Again, this is not a Christian movie. There’s no mention of the gospel--not even slightly. Ben Stein is Jewish. He took on this project because he is passionate about the Jewish holocaust, and he can see the same pattern in the United States that led up to Nazi Germany--the suppression of free thought. Blatant censorship. Evolutionists deny that Hitler (and his extermination of those who were weak) was motivated by Darwinism, but history attests to it. This is very clearly and undeniably documented in the film.

One criticism that has already surfaced is that the evolutionists, who expose their hate-filled agenda in the movie, were coerced into being interviewed. Not so. They signed off for their part after each interview, and were well-paid for their efforts.

No surprise that the God-haters that frequent this blog are going to hate “Expelled.” They have already been brainwashed and are entrenched in their world view, but the average American is going to have his eyes opened as to what is happening in this country. Let’s hope it will be instrumental in turning the nation around.

So, again, please go to this movie, and don’t go alone. Take a group from your church. Take your neighbors. It could open an interesting dialogue.