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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Something to Deal With

The other day I spoke to a friendly semi-atheistic agnostic named Debbie who said that if I believed that there was a Hell, I should spend every moment pleading with people to avoid it. She couldn’t understand people who said that they believed that Hell existed, and yet didn’t bother to warn others. Debbie was perceptive.

Her words reminded me of an atheist who once wrote me a stinging email, saying that if I really believed in Hell and that I had found everlasting life, I would be running around the streets pleading with people. I wrote back and told him that that is exactly what I do. I have been doing that for more than 30 years. I have stood on a box around 5,000 times and looked like a fool as I pleaded with this dying world. I have personally given out hundreds of thousands of gospel tracts in the hope that people would read them. I have spoken one-to-one to thousands on planes or on the streets. At my own cost I have put advertisements on TV and in newspapers. I have done debates with atheists, not to prove that God exists (we all know He exists), but to implore them to get right with God.

Our radio and TV programs are either begging sinners to listen, or pleading with and encouraging Christians to go out and do what they know they should do. That’s why we do our free “Transformed” conferences--to encourage and equip Christians to seek the lost. And by the way, we don’t share the gospel to get "Brownie points." We already have them, by God’s grace. He has already given us everlasting life. We seek the lost simply because we love them. Our labor is called “a labor of love” for a reason.

So don’t get upset with us for being true to our convictions. If you are an unbeliever who argues with Christians, you do that because you are true to your convictions, and you don’t even believe that we are in terrible eternal danger. We are zealous in ours because we believe you are. And we care about you. Deal with it.