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Friday, May 23, 2008

Interesting Thread

The Celtic Chimp said...For those of you unable to join the dots. Ray was practically celebrating the recent natural disasters in which thousands died, thousands of children. Delighted that it might be a sign that his bloodthirsty saviour was coming back. A comment left by Nick summed it up well:

"Ray...rather than smirking and treating the story frivolously, how about displaying some sense of the tragedy? Thousands are dead."

Chimp/Nick...my apologies if what I said sounded as though I was celebrating the deaths of thousands of children. I certainly wasn't. I am always deeply concerned (as I am sure you are), when children die or are in danger of starving to death.

If you haven't already sent money to help them get food and medical supplies, you may like to match the amount we sent. You could give through "The Children's Hunger Fund" (very trustworth organization). You can find their contact address at the bottom of www.livingwaters.com > Ask for Dave Phillips (the president); mention my name and tell him that you would like them to debit your credit card for the same amount that we gave. Thanks for your concern. Best wishes, Ray