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Friday, June 27, 2008

Quote-mining From an Atheist Site

"Why give that idiot a platform?"
"Someone please find out how we pose questions to this charlatan and post the solution here. Then we can inundate him. Let's make Noah's flood seem like a mere tear drop in the ocean."
"What a little ray of comfort. NOT!"
"Did you see those Einstein and Hawking quotes in the heading of RC's blog? Is that fabricated or what."
"You MUST capitalize god and jesus."
"I'm ashamed he was born in a country neighboring my own."
"Comfort is a complete idiot, and should be ignored."
"Seriously? Deleted for not capitalizing 'God'?"
"Ugh. Ray Comfort bores me to tears."
"That moron Comfort is a natural disaster and is not caused by his imaginary god."
"He actually lets most comments through which is more than can be said of other blogs of his ilk."
"He's also the master of the drive by comment/post."
"Ok, Mr. Comfort. Put down the mouse, it's time to take your meds."
"I still read Ray Comfort's blog, mostly for laughs."
"I remember once flicking onto the Christian Channel on pay TV and there Ray Comfort was (though I didn't know it at the time) telling everyone how the earth is a prison and we are all prisoners."
"On behalf of the people of NZ [New Zealand] I would like to thank the people of the US for taking . . . comfort off our hands. Perhaps you could find a better use for him."
"Why anyone pays attention to this guy is beyond me." [You are not alone Mr. Atheist. I have asked the same question].