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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Blind Faith of the Theory of Evolution

"Evolution is responsible for life's diversity, not for gravity. You are a bit misinformed. 'Gravity' is in the 'physics' section. 'Evolution' can be found at the 'biology' section. Evolution is not 'the creator,' it is a natural phenomenon. There is no such thing as 'Creation,' except in poetic terms." G.E.

If (as is commonly accepted) the natural phenomenon of evolution had no end in mind when it created all living things, it is incredibly intelligent, but it forgot that they would go spinning into space without the law of gravity. So it was fortunate for us that gravity just happened to be around to stop that disaster.

Where did gravity then come from? If evolution had nothing to do with it, who or what created it? "Chance" or "accident" is too bigger leap of blind faith for me. The evolutionist's version of "just believe" isn't good enough. I want verifiable scientific facts.

And while we are looking for facts, explain to me where the other laws that govern the universe came from, i.e. the laws of thermodynamics, of motion, and the laws of heat? Why don’t we see chaos everywhere instead of order?

Of course your "scientific" answer will be, "We don’t yet know where they came from, but one thing we are sure of, God didn’t create them."

It was Newton's law of gravitation that showed science that the gravitational constant is in direct proportion to the product of the masses divided by the square of the distance apart. However, that doesn't explain the nature of gravity. Despite its mystery, the brilliant Newton attributed its origin to the genius of Almighty God. So do I.