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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open-minded Evolutionist

"Ray, do you call everyone who disagrees with you and posts a comment here an Atheist? That's a bit much. There could be quite a few individuals here who just want to set you straight on topics like evolution. Which does not make them an Atheist. I accept evolution and I believe in God and I am not alone. I for one would just like to see you open your mind and read some peer reviewed articles on the subject and try learn something instead of maligning science and spewing ignorance." J.G.

There is only one God and He revealed Himself and how we were created, through His Word. In Scripture we are told that God made man in His own image. He created Adam as a man and then He created a female for him to reproduce, after his own kind.

So the god you believe in, is what is known as an "idol." An idol is the creation of the human mind and is often then shaped with hands with wood or stone. The reason we are so prone to idolatry is that an idol doesn’t tell us what to do. An idol doesn’t consider lust to be adultery, hatred to be murder, or condemn lying and stealing. An idol is dumb, and the Bible says those that create them are like them. We can shape our little god into anything we feel comfortable with, even if it’s an unthinking and unscientific theory that we believe gives us a license to sin.

You are right about not being alone when it comes to idolatry. Millions worship false gods. You may not have formed your own religion with your god (Hinduism has 450million gods), but he is extremely popular, especially in the western world and among university students. And anyone who is gullible enough to believe in evolution will also be gullible enough to believe that when they create a god in their mind, it somehow does exist. Yet it doesn’t. It’s a figment of a fertile imagination (the place of imagery). Idolaters still have to face the God of the Bible on the day of Judgment, whether they believe in Him or not.

Imagine that--standing alone before the throne of a holy and perfect Creator, the One that spoke the sun into existence and has seen every thought that has passed through your sinful mind. Imagine that--standing alone before Almighty God who requires an account of every idle word you have spoken, and every deed you have done, even if it is in secret. I think that you had better forget your image of god, repent and trust in the Savior before it’s too late.