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Friday, August 8, 2008

Scientific Proof for Evolution

I took the time to listen to most of PZ Myers' response to my interview on WDAY Radio. The highlight came when the host asked THE big question. It was the same question I would have asked him: "Now do you have any observed examples of evolution? I would like to get some actual science that would explain this. Something we could sink our teeth into. The common man…" He wanted some (any) observable scientific evidence for the theory of evolution.

This was a wonderful opportunity to silence the critics. Professor PZ Meyers gave it his best shot. Here is his word-for-word answer:

"One that was really spectacular just recently is the observation of divergence of species of lizards in the Mediterranean. There were a set of islands there that were kind of abandoned by a war on the Slavic’s on the Balkan Peninsula. What happened was that while they were abandoned there were these introduced species of lizards that were rapidly evolving to take advantage of new situations. So they were switching from a mostly insect lifestyle, where they were eating lots of insects, to one where they were also taking advantage of plant material. Not only have they observed changes (they can document them they can see the species shift), but they have also discovered that these lizards have evolved a new structure, a new little enfolding of the gut, to allow them to digest more food; plant material in particular. So you know it’s a combination of things. It’s actually observing a change in populations and it’s the observing the appearance of novel structures in the gut."

You could detect that the host was extremely under-whelmed by this observable scientific proof for the theory. He said, "Okay. Alright . . . " Then he quickly changed the subject.

So there you have it. The best observable scientific evidence for the theory tale of evolution is the really spectacular evidence of "a new little enfolding of the gut." Wow.

You can listen to the original interview on: www.areavoices.com/benandjim/?blog=31157

The station told us that they normally get 30-50 people log onto their site. After the above interview, over 2000 people logged on.

And the professor's response on: www.heathenz.com/2008/08/06/pz-myers-on-a-christian-radio-show/