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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An apology

"Raoul Rheits said... I never get 'bored' when someone is out there making money by stigmatizing me (and all atheists) as 'liars who will steal from people without qualms of conscience'. Even if you weren't making money off of stigmatizing me, I would still take issue with your dishonesty. Can you understand that? I really do dislike dishonesty with a passion, and when it is used by people like yourself to tar and stigmatize any minority, I dislike it just as much."

Raoul...you are right. It was wrong of me to say that an atheist is someone who will steal from you with no qualms of conscience. Please forgive me. That stigmatizes a whole group of people, and that's wrong. Let me rephrase it. I believe that someone who professes atheism can steal from you with no real qualms of conscience, because he doesn't believe that he is ultimately responsible to God.

Thanks for pointing out my error. I am grateful. Best wishes.