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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Frog That Never Was

A Christian wrote: Atheist Challenge: 1. Put frog in blender, 2. Blend frog, 3. Put blender on kitchen table, 4. Wait for frog to hop back out. Should be a no brainer for evolution -- given that we know for sure everything required to make a living frog is present. Don't hold your breath!

An atheist responded. "That frog is dead. It took billions of years for complex life to evolve on earth. I suppose, theoretically, if I took the frog's remains and placed them on an alien world with conditions similar to early earth something might arise after another few billion years, but I can't say for sure."

The atheist obviously doesn’t know what atheistic evolution believes. It believes that in the beginning there was no frog "remains," and no "conditions" for life. There was no dried frog skin, frog bones, no blood, kidneys, liver, eyes, ears, nervous system, and heart. In the beginning there was no frog nor genes or DNA. No frog. There was nothing. Nothing at all. There was no air, no water, no sunlight. Nothing.

That’s what atheistic evolution believers believe. Now pull back and give such a thought some objective thought. Forget about the hypocrisy and established religion and those dumb old Christians with their unscientific beliefs and their 6,000 years old earth. Just think about how the atheist believes that for some reason nothing created everything--frogs (male and female), water (with a perfect consistency to maintain life), air (with its perfect mixture of gases to maintain life), sunlight (to maintain life), oxygen-giving trees, beautiful flowers, masses of birds, succulent fruits, the seasons, etc., etc., etc. There were no atoms, no molecules, no genes, no bacteria. There was nothing.

As if that's not insane enough, when an atheist wants to hold onto his belief that nothing caused all this to happened billions of years ago, he then predictably says, "Then who made God, if He was the initial Cause?" In his unthinking mind, his unbelievable belief then becomes rational because he refuses to accept the eternality of God.