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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some of Today’s Comments

"Ray, I'm sick of you. You are one of the most horrible people I have ever known of...I hate violence. I think at times it is necessary, but an ugly necessity nonetheless...I hate you, hope you have a heart attack sometime soon, and don't care in the least if you never let me on this crappy blog again. It's like a huge digital train wreck that I can't stop looking at."

"Ok guys and gals, stick to the plan on the 19th. Get your hands on as many free copies of Ray's book. Cut out the first 54 pages of filth."

"It's not all that hard to predict the outcome at Berkeley. Especially with individuals such as yourself. You're all about a deception within a deception. And knowing this, many will act accordingly. Have fun choking on your own bile on the 19th."

We had a change of plans. We went in on the 18th.