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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Taking us Seriously

"Till you theists approach these serious questions honestly (i.e. drop quote mining, repeating nonsense like atheist believe 'everything from nothing' Evolution leads to Nazism, etc...) and provide answers of substance (with logic and objective evidence), then you have no rational basis to expect others to take you seriously."

Sadly, you are like a man who is slowly sinking in quicksand. You are about to face a terrible death and we are telling you that there is something you can do to get out. Instead of believing us, you rail at us that we should have answers to questions that you consider to be rational. Yet you are the one with the problem, not us. You are in the shadow of death, we aren’t. We have been saved from death.

I know that most of you think I’m deluded, or that I’m a snake oil salesman, or that I’m in this to get rich from my books. That’s just not true. I don't get royalties through books that are sold through my ministry. I draw an average wage. I don’t own a car. I ride a bike to work. I don’t have a jet. I fly domestic. Almost every time of the more than 5,000 times I have preached the gospel in the open air, I have given away money, not taken it. There’s no charge for you to be on this blog, and I don’t have advertising on it so that I can make money from it.

I say these things so that you can’t use me as an excuse for staying in your sins. I have cared enough about you to do all I can to warn you. I am completely free from your blood. That’s the Bible way of saying that I warned you about the reality of Hell, and you wouldn’t listen. You will be damned because of your own sins, and you will have no one to blame but yourself.