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Monday, February 22, 2010

Free dinner

We would like to treat atheists to a free dinner at Red Lobster.

For those of you who have said that you would rather that we send the money to Haiti, we have already done that just after the earthquake. This is a small gift from Sue and myself for those of you who are feeling the economic pinch in this country, and you would like to go out for a free meal.

It’s not a publicity stunt (it would be a pretty pathetic one). There is no ulterior motive. We care about you and want to show that our love is not just words. We won’t enclose a gospel tract, follow up with literature, or show up at your door for a meal. Neither will we keep your address or sell it to some mailing list.

I think that covers most of the bases.

For those of you who said nasty things about this offer, you are still welcome to send your name and address. It’s only for atheists, it is confined to the United States, and expires on March 1st. Please format your name and address as you would on an envelope (3-4 lines, caps/lower case, etc.) and send it to: loveatheists@livingwaters.com