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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harmless Pedophilia

"<< Can anyone prove to me that pedophilia is wrong? >> ALL the atheists can. How come you can't?? It's because it forces sex upon people too young to either give informed consent or to refuse the aforementioned sex. It's wrong on both counts, and can be considered tantamount to rape. I've been an atheist over 30 years and never had a problem wrapping my head around such this concept. In fact, the only people I ever see that make a ludicrous statement like 'Why is pedophilia wrong' are invariably Christians." captain howdy

Pedophilia isn’t only the act of sex. If you have pictures of naked children on your computer or you take photos of naked children, the law will consider you to be a pedophile.

The basis of your argument is that pedophilia is morally wrong "because it harms the child." Therefore, if a professional photographer used a two-way mirror, and took photos of naked children without them being harmed (and paid them well for their time), you would therefore consider it to be morally acceptable. The child hasn’t been harmed in the slightest. It fact, he (or she) has been greatly benefited with monetary gain.

Your problem is that you cannot say that anything is morally wrong, because your morality is dictated by changing ideals. Does it harm the person, and what does society say? If society says that the victim isn't a "person," i.e. a "fetus" or a Jew (as in the case of Nazi Germany), you can even kill the person and it will be justified. Such is the case of secular humanism.

This isn't so with Christianity. Morality isn't dictated by sinful society nor by "does it harm the person." It is solely dictated by what God says is right and wrong. But, with your self-delusional atheism, you have even dealt with that one.