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Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandiose ambiguous nebulous validation

Here, from a believer in evolution (Froggie), are "the facts that prove evolution happened." Then he lists:

Protein functional redundancy
DNA functional redundancy
Redundant pseudogenes
Endogenous retroviruses
Anatomical parahomology
Molecular parahomology
Anatomical convergence
Molecular convergence
Anatomical suboptimal function
Molecular suboptimal function
Nested hierarchies
Convergence of independent phylogenies
Transitional forms

◦Legged whales
◦Legged seacows

Chronology of common ancestors
Anatomical vestiges including:
Whales and dolphins with hindlimbs
Humans tails
Molecular vestiges
Ontogeny and developmental biology
Mammalian ear bones, reptilian jaws
Pharyngeal pouches, branchial arches
◦Snake embryos with legs
◦Embryonic human tail
◦Marsupial eggshell and caruncle
Present biogeography
Past biogeography
Apes and humans.

Then, after such impressive proof, Froggie throws down the gauntlet and says, "Go ahead, falsify one even one of thousands of established facts supporting evolution. Go ahead."

So let's go ahead just a little and examine the list of "facts." How about "human tails"? Where on earth (or in the fossil record) are humans with tails? We don't even have a "tail bone" as some maintain. Ditto with legged whales, seacows and snakes with legs. Snakes had legs . . . did they talk? Then there's the "ape-humans" (the missing link), and the "reptile birds" (that would be the belief that chickens were once dinosaurs). Sure.

Of course when listing evidence of evolution, always be sure to drop in a few unpronounceables, such as pharyngeal, pseudogenes, endogenous retroviruses, anatomical parahomology and suboptimal, and you will impress the simple, because you have just evidenced your intelligence.

The rest are winding rabbit trails that I don’t have time to follow. They lead nowhere. It's about as powerful as me listing all 66 books of the Bible and thinking that I have just proven the existence of God.