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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Problem of Divine Law

A private Christian school in Dallas, Texas, refused to enroll a child into the school because the child's parents were lesbians. In a statement, authorities at the school said,

"We regret the disappointment the mother feels, but also do not understand why she would want to enroll her child in a school that would undercut her own personal values at home."

Surprisingly, the mother of the child agreed with the school. She said,

"I absolutely would not want her to partake in a school where they did not believe or condone the relationship that we have together."

The school had previously rejected an applicant who came from a homosexual household, fired an unmarried teacher who became pregnant and removed a man "from leadership roles in the school" after he left his wife for another woman. The lesbian mother said that said she was raised in a Baptist home, and she had thought that the school could give her child a good education and impart "the basic Bible teachings ... follow the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, be kind to your neighbor." But she added, "The God that I know and the God that I love will love me and love my children no matter what."

If you don’t like God's standards, make up your own god. Homosexuality and every other sin that plagues this nation, is only a symptom of idolatry. This was always Israel's problem right down through history. They strayed from God's Law into idolatry, then into sexual sin, then into judgment.

How foolish is it to believe that God changes and His Law disappears, simply because we imagine Him to be something more congenial. And how much more foolish is it--to pretend that He doesn't exist, and that the entire universe magically appeared billions of years ago, with no Maker.