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Monday, October 18, 2010

Can't...or Won't See

"Captain Howdy said...Ray explains to us that--For those who think that this is a mistake in the Bible, “Levi” is another name for "Matthew." People in those days went by different names, as they do today--Bob and Robert, John and Jim, Chuck and Charles, etc. Ray, Ray, Ray...What am I gonna do with you?? "John" and "Jim" are NOT the same name, genius. But I just bet you're absolutely right about everything else you tell us, like evolution is a lie, falling is a violation of the law of gravity, Jesus is coming back..."

Captain...you are right. My apologies. It's Jack and John. BTW. Regarding my calling gravity a "law." Some time ago I quoted Steven Hawking saying that gravity was a law. I guess you didn't see it. You may deny that gravity is a law that can be broken. But if you violate its precepts and jump from 10,000 feet without a parachute you will think you are right, until you hit the ground. It's the same with the Law of God. I'm sure you will stubbornly hold onto your belief that you haven't violated it until the moment you die, but then it will be too late.

Regarding the Second Coming of Jesus. Keep one eye on Israel and its surrounding nations. What is going on there is an elephant sitting on your nose, but I guess you can't see that either.

Finally, evolution isn't a science. It's a belief on a par with fairytales of frogs turning into princes. It just takes longer. It is a theory for the believing simple masses--for those who have a ton more blind faith than any Christian.