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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Atheist's near Death Experience

It seems that I have provoked talk of a near-death experience from PZ Myers. In his popular blog he talks about how death's cold hand touched him last summer.

He was having his heart examined by means of a "stress test," when it nearly gave out. He said that it was similar to driving in a car and having the engine suddenly gasp and splutter. He felt utterly helpless. "It was like driving along on your car and suddenly the engine starts to gasp and splutter because it's not getting any fuel, and I felt the same thing you would in such a situation: helpless, because no amount of pumping the gas pedal helps, nor can I will gas to the motor, and betrayed. I rely on that heart, I take it for granted, and there it was, failing me."

It was a very moving testimony, and one that we can all identify with. PZ then says,

"And then I felt myself going. My guts went all watery, and I felt the unpleasantness of nausea with a flabby feeling that no, I wasn't even going to have the strength to vomit. My limbs went all rubbery and limp. I kept sweating — a cold, clammy sweat. There was a roaring whisper in my ears, and all I heard as the doctors milled about was a distant 'waa waa waa' sound. My peripheral vision faded, and it seemed like I was staring down a narrow tunnel. And I was alone."

I took the time to read comments about the post. Hearts were really touched. Some atheists even became teary-eyed, and some spoke of their own near death experiences.

PZ added that he had the thought, "'So this is what dying feels like.' I felt no panic or fear, just a little sad about ceasing to exist, and I thought about the important things in my life."

A "little" sad? Is he kidding? Doesn't he love life? After what he then said about his love for his wife and children...a little sad? I don’t believe it. Thank God that PZ made it through his horrible experience.

After giving such a graphic account he wanted to make sure that the flock didn't panic and stray into theism, so he exhorted:

“... I can tell you that as the darkness descends, there will be no gods or angels rising to judge you. You'll be alone, no matter how crowded the room, and the only judge you'll face is yourself. There will be no authority looking over your shoulder and telling you whether your life was worthy or wasted, and if there were, it's opinion would be irrelevant — all that will matter is that you can look back and find happiness and accomplishment. We live our lives for our life's sake, rather than for illusions about rewards and satisfaction after we're dead."

Here's the big and obvious disconnect. PZ, you didn’t die. You were alive during your whole near-death experience. If you get "near" something, you are not there. Yet. So, I hope you read this next statement slowly, and then think seriously about the claims of the gospel:

"It is appointed to men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27, italics added for atheists).

A special PS for PZ: Your status with the atheistic community means little (look at how many turned on you when you criticized their "I have no beliefs," etc). What matters is your eternal salvation, and that of your beloved wife and children. That issue is more serious than a heart attack.