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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Atheists Question my Education

A number of atheists want to know details of my education, and have also asked what religious credentials I hold, suspecting that I am unqualified to speak for God.

I was automatically placed in the top class in high school, which meant that I was taught French and other subjects that turned out to have little to do with everyday life. Even then I figured out that students passed exams, not because they were intelligent, but because they had a good memory and could regurgitate crammed knowledge onto a piece of paper. From kindergarten through high school I had 13 years education, and attained "School Certificate."

I left school at 17, began working in a bank, and later started a successful business when I was 20 years old. I came to know the Lord at 22, and began seven years training in a local church, was then ordained as a fulltime pastor and spent 3 ½ years pastoring in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I also preached open air almost daily for 12 years in "Speaker’s Corner" in the heart of our city. During that time I began receiving invitations to speak throughout the country, then overseas and ended up speaking in over a thousand churches from almost every denomination and in many countries.

In 1989, I responded to an invitation to be on pastoral staff at non-denominational Calvary Chapel in Southern California.

So there are my credentials. They're not too impressive, but no one needs credentials or even an education to refute atheism. A child could do it.

"Wait a minute is the French Engineer correct, I assumed by School Certificate you meant you Graduated, are you a HS drop out?"

In many countries students don't have a "Graduation." They attain school certificate and leave.