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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Atheist Experience

"Ray believes I was a 'false convert' and was never a 'true Christian' the entire time I believed I was a born-again evangelical Christian for many years. I spoke in tongues, had the many gifts of the Holy Spirit, laying-on-of-hands, the whole nine yards." Lehman

He isn't the only regular on this blog who is the sad product of the false gospel. Another person continually says that he was a Christian minister, that he read the Bible many times, and that he truly believed, until he saw the light.

But notice the above person's "evidence" of his supposed conversion. It was "gifts," when the Bible says that it is by "fruits" (not gifts) that a Christian is known.

The Scriptures list the evidential fruits of conversion as fruit of righteousness (striving to do the right thing), the fruit of praise (giving God due praise for His kindness, etc.), the fruit of thanksgiving (having a thankful heart for the "unspeakable" gift of everlasting life, etc.), the fruit of repentance (living a life of holiness—-no longer serving sin), and the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faith, meekness and temperance).

Instead of possessing these fruits, the false convert is a hypocrite. He doesn't come to know the Lord because his sin still separates him from God (see Mark chapter 4). He holds onto secret sins (lust, selfishness, bitterness, etc.), and it's only a matter of time (as with Judas) until he is exposed.

Many hypocrites are not yet evident, and so they will stay within the Church among God's people—-as goats among the sheep--and will be sorted out on Judgment Day.

The reason the false convert had a false conversion is that he never found a place of biblical repentance in the first place. He never saw sin in its true light. That's why the Ten Commandments should be thundered from the pulpits of churches, and not the unbiblical "God has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life" false gospel.

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