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Friday, July 29, 2011

Atheists, Voltaire, Morality and God

"Hello. I am writing regarding some evangelical booklets I have recently found around my high school. They keep turning up, mostly in bathrooms, and are essentially the 'Are you a good person' cartoon from your website in comic form. I must say that I find such propaganda shameful. The implication that everyone is bound for hell fire unless they prostrate themselves before God is far worse than a death threat. The objective of this pamphlet seems to be to prey on the insecure and the unsure, first by instilling a sense of guilt, and then a sense of terror, and finally offering them what you say is the only salvation: submission. I am offended by these manipulative and coercive tactics. However, as Voltaire once said, 'I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.' Though I am certainly no Voltaire, I share the same love of freedom of speech. Therefore, I cannot object in principal to the distribution of ideas simply because I believe them to be incorrect and dangerous. However, when faced with the spread of such ideas, I can combat them in another way: by providing another viewpoint. To this end, I have launched a pamphlet campaign which points out the illogical nature of your propaganda. I hope that logic and humor are enough to overcome the fear and guilt which you employ, and make people see how unlikely the existence of God truly is." Sam

Sam, I appreciate the courteous way in which you wrote (may you read this reply in the same spirit).

I also appreciate your understanding of the importance of having the free exchange of ideas. With that said, as you step in as the intellectual savior of your peers, make sure you let them know that as an atheist you believe that nothing created everything (a scientific impossibility).

If you don't believe that, and instead believe that something rather than nothing created everything (but it wasn’t God), then you’re not an atheist; you’re an agnostic.

If you are embarrassed to admit that an atheist believes that nothing created everything, you could try to redefine the word "nothing," and say that it's actually "something." That will make you feel better.

Those who read our booklet may not have had a sense of guilt, fear, and terror that you had. Remember, it was Voltaire who said, "All sects are different, because they come from men; morality is everywhere the same, because it comes from God."

God gave you a conscience, and because of it you are morally responsible to Him for your thoughts, words, and your deeds. So that fear you feel is legitimate. It has driven many a rebel to a sensible submission to the God who gave him life. John 8:31-32.