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Friday, November 18, 2011

Minds Changing to Pro-life

Late in October of 2011, over 180,000 copies “180” in a DVD format were passed out in one day to 100 top universities in the United States. Here are a few, of the many emails we have received:
  •           "I'm a student at University of Michigan-Flint. I had a conversation with someone who I found out was a Christian and he asked me if I had seen ‘180’ and I told him yes and I loved it. He said that ‘180’ is taking MSU's campus by storm. "

  •                      “I shared 180 with my pro-abortion literature teacher, and she is now pro-life.”

  •            “I’m a senior at a public high school in West Virginia. Because of 180 I was able to turn around the entire class opinion about abortion and by the end of the class 25 of the 25 students and my teacher as well had all raised their hand agreeing that abortion should be illegal.”
We are now coming to a high school near you to give kids free copies of the DVD, so that they can become pro-life, for life.  For details see http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-698980