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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When God is Involved

Comfort Food

Read the Bible in a year: Genesis 5-6, Psalm 6-8, Matthew 5
The world mocks the thought of Noah and his ark because they lack knowledge.  They don’t understand that God has chosen foolish things to confound a proud and sinful world. They don’t understand that when God is involved, anything may happen. Natural law may be suspended. Seas part, loaves and fishes multiply, the sick are healed, the blind see, a virgin conceives a child, angels appear, water is walked on, death is defeated, and animals can be brought by God to a ship designed by God, to be preserved in a massive flood brought about by God. With God, nothing shall be impossible.  However, the key to believing Scripture isn’t just to understand this principle. It’s to come to know the supernatural Creator through the supernatural experience of the new birth (see John 3 for details).
Copying Termite’s Air Conditioning
“Tower termite buildings in Africa were the design inspiration to construct the high-rise Eastgate Centre building in Harare, Zimbabwe, in order to maintain a constant temperature. The termites constantly open and close vents in their mound, to control currents of air. The insects draw cool air from the lower vents and then the hot air escapes through the top ones as chimneys…” (From, Theft! The Stealing of God’s Design—Master books—publishing date April 2012)
“Faith goes up the stairs that love has built and looks out the windows which hope has opened.”  ― Charles H. Spurgeon