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Friday, November 30, 2007

A Cause For Concern

I noticed that crowds of Muslims waved their arms and wielded machetes, because they were incensed that an English school teacher gave permission for a seven year-old child to name his teddy bear “Mohammed.” It made me think of an atheist friend who has a false name. This is because he fears that Christians may try to kill him because of his atheist convictions. I dropped him a friendly note and said that he shouldn’t have any concerns about Christians. We love him. However, he should be concerned that all over the Internet are video clips of him and his buddies blaspheming God, and saying “I am not afraid.” I said that if Arab TV ever runs a news story about hundreds of Americans who are blaspheming God’s name and saying that they are not afraid, they will broadcast the item in the Arabic language . . . and Arabic for God is “Allah.” That’s a real reason for concern.