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Friday, November 30, 2007

This May be a Joke

<< Thank God for you and your wonderful witnessing team, being true inspirations and teaching us to witness in so many new ways. But I am begging you to stop breaking the law and manufacturing/distributing counterfeit money. You are getting yourself and others in serious trouble. Why do you have such a blind spot with this and are deliberately sending yourself to jail? HAS SATAN SEIZED YOUR MIND WITH THIS AND USING THIS TO DESTROY YOUR MINISTRY?!! I'm begging you to stop this insanity. You are supposed to be an example to all of us; this is an example of flagrantly breaking the law - to what avail? Breaking our hearts, the hearts of your wife, children, grandchildren as you destroy yourself and your ministry? God has given you so many legal ways to witness, why are your deliberately breaking the law? I BEG YOU, please stop. We need you free, it will do no one any good for you to be in jail for the rest of your life. Why would you give Satan such a gift? I'm praying that God will touch your heart while you read this and you will stop breaking the law, you will stop harming innocent others who give out the counterfeit money because they trust/believe in you and will go to jail because of you and I pray you will stop this awful obsession you have to make and distribute counterfeit money. You are on a very high level with God using you now to witness and save so many lost souls. This is sinking to the lowest level and letting Satan have his day with you! I beg you to stop now. Please listen and believe me, this is your archilles heel, as we were taught in school, and every hero has a tragic flaw, this obsession with counterfeit money is your tragic flaw. This obsession of yours to manufacture/distribut counterfeit money when you know it is illegal is equivalent to being hooked on drugs, hooked on prostitution, hooked on anything Satan can use to destroy us. You are hooked on this. Anyone with a brain can clearly see how this will end. Why can't you? You will be prosecuted by the government and go to jail. This is very simple - you are breaking the law. I beg you, stop now. With love and prayers, your sister in Christ.>>

The above may be a joke, but I thought that I had better answer it in case it's not.


There is no such thing as a million dollar bill--so we are not producing counterfeit money. We are therefore not breaking any laws. Thanks for your concern.