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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Dumb Thoughts

For years I have wondered why we throw away banana peels. Their only purpose was to be slipped on, in some slap-stick comedy. But I have always noticed that we eat apple skin, orange peels, peach and apricot skins . My thought was, surely God has a reason for such a thick wrapper on the banana. I would often say that it may contain something medically wonderful. I felt vindicated recently when some kind person sent me this news item: “Researchers have discovered that banana peel extract can ease depression and protect the retina, a Chinese-language newspaper said yesterday. Researchers from Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung, after two years of research, have discovered that banana peel is rich in serotonin, which is vital to balancing moods, the Apple Daily reported. The research team said it believes consuming banana peel by boiling the peel and drinking the water or by putting it through a fruit juicer and drinking the juice can help ease depression. It suggested drinking banana peel water or juice every evening or several times a week.” Maybe the Chinese could produce a toy that has been soaked in banana extract, that depressed and near-sighted kids could chew on.