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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Consolation

The Bible tells us that God is holy and just and is to be feared, because He has a hatred for sin. This absolute righteousness will one day spill over as terrifying and eternal wrath against all wickedness. That will be a wonderful day, but at the same time, how fearful that sounds to guilty sinners. Yet, there is an incredible consolation for us behind this terrible wrath. God is wrath-filled because of His absolute integrity. In Him is no darkness at all. He is without sin, and therefore cannot lie. It is that pure integrity that will not only make sure that Justice is done, but it will also make sure every word He has promised will be fulfilled. How unspeakably comforting that is for those who lie on a death-bed trusting in Christ alone. All who repent and trust in Him, have everlasting life, and will have "pleasure forevermore." That is immutable. It cannot be changed. It is both sure and steadfast--“an anchor for the soul.” Those who profess to love God and yet for some reason dilute His wrath against sin also dilute His integrity. If He is going to compromise eternal justice in the slightest degree, He is capable of sin, and if He is capable of sin, He is capable of deceit. They therefore leave themselves with a non-existent idol, who cannot be trusted to keep his promises.