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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Get Him!

I am going through all 63 tapes of European footage for the Fourth Season. My job is to log what works and what doesn’t, before it goes to the editor. It is laborious but at the same time there’s some exciting video. I was open air preaching in the early hours of the morning in Brussels to a booze-drinking crowd when, someone called out that I should be more tolerant (I had said that Jesus was the only way to God). A few minutes later things got slightly tense between myself and another heckler. Suddenly, Mr. Tolerant called to the crowd “Get him! Get him!” That stirred them into a frenzied lynch-mob. Fortunately for me, the heckler I was speaking to screamed “Stop it! Stop this!” and the crowd backed off. Please pray for me as I do the logging.