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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Never Hesitate

Sadly, we had to have our dog put down recently. As Sue and I were leaving the veterinarian, we noticed that a mother and her grown daughter were sobbing deeply, because they had just put their dog down. Suddenly I had a big dilemma. Sue was in tears, they were in tears--do I or don’t I offer these grieving people a Million Dollar Bill tract? How could I? How insensitive! I decided to do it despite my fears. I opened the door for them and said, “We just lost our dog too. Here’s something to cheer you up. It’s a million dollars.” I was amazed to see that both women immediately burst into laughter. I quickly added, “You will probably need it to pay the vet bill.” They laughed again. They were still smiling as they walked down the sidewalk. Perhaps we should do hospital drops. If we ever get another dog, I think I will call it “Stay.” It would be interesting to see what he will do when I call “Come here Stay!”