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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Go to the Ant

If you have trouble with laziness, overeating, lust (the usual sins that so easily beset us), or depression, here’s a principle that may help you--weeds don’t grow on a busy foot path. We are often most vulnerable to these sinful weeds when we are idle. So, do something that will keep your mind occupied (other than eat). Here’s a suggestion. Type in search words that are going to get you talking to the unsaved--words such as: “I don’t know if God exists,” “I don’t believe in God,” “Is God real?” “Who was Jesus?” “I don’t like religion,” “I’m afraid of dying.” Think of other words and phrases that will find some lost person, and simply ask them questions--Why do they feel like that? Etc. Before you know it, you will be running to check their responses to your questions. You can build up a file of answers that you can paste into your emails, for those who are offended by “religion,” or can’t see any evidence of God’s existence. To build up a file, go to www.evidencebible.com There you will find 100 of the most commonly asked questions of the Christian faith (plus a lot more). You may cut and paste these free of charge.