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Friday, December 14, 2007

Great Books

Are you familiar with the writings of Peter Johnson? I love his books, and for many years I have enjoyed reading them regularly. There is something refreshing about an author who tells it like it is, and Johnson does just that, in a uniquely powerful and inspired way. As far as I know, he only authored two books in his entire lifetime, and both of them were published after his death. But I find myself going back to them again and again because each time I turn the pages, it's as though it's my first time. That's very special. Sadly, he was viciously murdered in his old age, but as a young man he lived on the edge, and his colorful life has become an inspiration to countless people. I’m sure you are familiar with his writings. If you are not, it would be good to get some background information before you open them. You can read about his early life by opening the New Testament at John 1:42, where most translations tell us he was originally called “Simon son of John” before his name was changed to “Peter son of John,” or “Peter Johnson,” as he would now be known.