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Friday, December 14, 2007

Something Important

I was talking to someone on my cell phone when someone else tried to get through. It may have been something important, so I quickly finished the call I was on, and switched to the next one. It was strange. There was no-one there. I must have cut them off. I checked the number, and saw that it was someone from our ministry. It may have been Sue, wanting to tell me something important, so I called her. While I was waiting for her to answer, another call came through. I abandoned the call to Sue and took the incoming one. It was EZ, my son-in-law. He asked why his call to me went dead. I said that I didn’t know what happened. Suddenly someone else was trying to get through. I told him to wait while I checked the incoming call, as it may be Sue wanting to tell me something important. It was her, so I asked what she wanted. She didn’t want anything. She was asking why I called her a minute earlier. I said that I thought that she had called me, but it was actually EZ, who was waiting on the other line and maybe he had something important to tell me. She said goodbye, and I switched back to EZ. He wasn’t there. I then called his land-line but all I got was his voice mail telling me he wasn't there. So I called his cell phone. He took my call, but couldn’t talk because while he was waiting for me to get back to him he had taken a call from his sister, who was on the other line. He said that it was about something important.