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Monday, December 24, 2007

One Sows Another Reaps

I have often joked about how candy companies are secretly owned by Weight-watchers. If one didn’t exist, there would be no need for the other. The principle is common in much of contemporary society. The fast food folks feed the fitness industry. Customers pay to get fat, and then they pay more to get fit. And what's more, both industries provide jobs. Think of how much employment other popular industries provide. Cigarette manufacturers supply employment for tobacco farmers, printers, advertisers, cancer doctors, oxygen tank suppliers, heart and lung surgeons, and undertakers. Alcohol companies supply work for bottle-makers, can manufacturers, printers, advertisers, for doctors, liver transplant surgeons, undertakers, marriage counselors, tow truck workers, ambulance drivers, nurses, drug manufacturers, mental institutions, the Betty Ford clinic, the police, and of course most of the court and prison system. Hollywood had it right. It is a mad, mad world, and it’s full of insane people who are intent on self-destruction. I’m so looking forward to a new heaven and the new earth, where the insanity will stop.