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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Problem of Drooling

After our dog died we decided that we wouldn’t get another one. That is, until I spotted a man who was leashed to a Great Dane, who had a small crowd packed around him. Most of them were patting the dog and chatting to the man. I immediately saw the evangelistic potential. If I had a Great Dane I would have an instant bridge to reach out to the unsaved. I could even print up a dog tract using the cream of an unpublished book called, 101 Things Dogs Do To Annoy Their Owners. When I mentioned this to a friend he said that he could have a saddle made for me. That’s the positive side. Here’s the negative. 1. Drooling (I would get one of those sucking things that dentists use, and hook it up to his collar). 2. Shedding (he stays outside during the day). 3. Barking (an anti-bark collar). Then there is the small problem of Sue being horrified at the thought. Maybe it’s the dilemma of how much room he would take up in our bed at night. I had better think on it.