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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reversing a Curse

Do you get “floaters”? They are very common. They are small shadows on the eyeball that move when the eye is moved. I have had them now and then over the years but I got one that stayed some time ago. When I asked around, I found that they are very common. Someone even told me that he had so many floaters he would often play a kind of PAC-MAN when he had nothing to do. I’m not at that level as yet. Mine is at a point where I still jump out of my wits because I see a “spider” on a wall to my right, or a fly, or two cursers on the screen of my laptop. Floaters can be a little annoying, but I have turned the curser into a blessing. Whenever I see it, I have programmed myself to use it as an alarm clock for me to pray that God raises up laborers who will seek the lost. Maybe you have annoying things in your life--persistent “floaters” that suddenly show up in front of your eyes. Don’t let them get you down. Rather, let them get you to prayer. Turn a curse into a blessing.