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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Musical Laws

Do you ever think about music? I don’t mean in an emotional sense. I mean objectively. Most of us never give it any depth of thought. It’s just there, and we use it for our pleasure. But I would like you to give it some thought, right now. Sing a tune. Any tune. Go on. I will wait for a minute while you think of one . . . Got it? Okay. Now, consider the fact that you (hopefully) started singing in the right “key.” That key is essential to the melody, because without it you will open a door that those around you will want to quickly close. Think now of the "beat" of the tune. It has a law of consistency to it. It may be slow or fast, but it is steady, and each beat is connected to its predecessor. It’s a law of synchronization. As you sing, you are also hopefully holding the “tune.” Think now of the variety of differing harmonies that can come alongside the tune, and yet the music still remains in one accord. How incredibly amazing to think that God created this invisible thing we call “music.” His unspeakable genius is seen in the laws that govern it. Without those laws, we don’t have music. We simply have noise. Like this mystical thing called "fire," music lies dormant until we light its warm and wonderful spark. The more I think of this amazing creation in which we live, the more I am awestruck beyond words by its amazing Creator.