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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Survival Expertise

After a high-rise window-washer in New York, a sky-diver and a skate-boarder cheated death after falling, an expert said, “Our DNA is coded to survive.” In other words, God has placed in each of us a will to live (my words, not his). No one in his or her right mind wants to die. Then the expert said, “Every survival expert, no matter what the situation, tells you that surviving comes down to three basic things. Number One, [be] prepared. Number Two, don’t panic. And Number Three, have a plan." In other words, if you are a sky-diver, first, think about what you would do if your parachute malfunctioned. Second, if it happens, don’t let fear take away clear thinking, and third, from that point do what you can to get yourself safely back on the earth. Here now is your eternal survival plan. First, be prepared to face a holy God. Second, think clearly about your many sins, and what you are going to do to justify yourself so that you will escape the damnation of Hell. And third, put your trust entirely in Jesus Christ so that you will be saved from Eternal Justice. That's the most expert advice you will ever get, because it comes from the Bible.