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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Arizona Atheist

<< I'm actually trying to save people from themselves, and people like Ray who spread falsehoods. I'm fighting for truth. If he is so truthful, why hasn't he attempted to rebut my many arguments that I've left him? Especially my rebuttal to his claims in the post about me (Arizona Atheist)? Can he not answer? I'm beginning to think this is the case. Yes, Ray, and many others believe in this eternal hell, but does believing make something true? Absolutely not.>>

Arizona Atheist. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your posts. I have been busy. You are right though, just “believing” something, doesn't make it true. The existence of God has nothing to do with whether or not I believe or whether or not you don't believe. For me, the whole issue comes down to the existence of a place called "Hell." If it doesn't exist, then each of us should follow every desire of our heart, if it gives us pleasure and doesn't violate civil law. That seems to make sense, because it swings open the door to the exciting pleasures of free sex, pornography, etc. That’s almost what our culture has at the moment. If it's the culture (society) that sets the rules, as apposed to God, and there's no punishment after death for sin, then anything should go--if the law says it is permissible. That's the safety-net: civil law. If the culture allows homosexuality as a morally okay practice, then it becomes okay, because there are no absolutes of right and wrong. If civil law then says pedophilia is morally okay, no one should object. It becomes morally okay. Everyone to his own. But if civil law says it's okay to liquidate six million Jews, as well as blacks, homosexuals and Gypsies, then that's also okay, because society sets the rules. Nothing is written in stone. There are no Ten Commandments to set moral boundaries, and the fact that there is no punishment for a man like Hitler means that he got away with murder, six million times over. And that’s okay. However, if there is a God (and every Christian who has truly been born again has the distinct advantage of knowing Him personally--see John 17:3), and He is good by nature, then there must be a Day of Justice for people that have literally got away with murder. Statistics tell us that there are hundreds of thousands who have done just that, in America alone. The Bible warns that God is so good, He will also see to it that rapists, thieves, adulterers, fornicators, blasphemers and liars will be punished, and the place of punishment is in a terrible place called Hell. However, there are some who think that by not believing in it, it doesn’t exist. I can only tell them that they can find out the truth by repentance and faith in Jesus. Or they can wait and find the truth experientially, when they die in their sins. I am horrified at the thought of that happening to my worst enemy. All I can do is plead with them (and you) before that happens. Thanks for listening to me my friend. I will leave it up to other Christians to answer any further questions you may have.