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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Wing-suit

The Bible addresses those who deny God’s hand in creation by saying that they profess to be wise, but in reality, they are fools (see Romans 1:20-22). Take for instance the courageous gentleman who flies through the air in a “squirrel-suit.” He and his buddies are trying to figure out how they can land without a parachute. He may do it, but listen to his explanation of how they got the design for the suit: “The wing-suit basically is fabric that goes between your arms and between your legs, and it changes the shape of your body so you become in essence a flying squirrel. I think that’s one of the amazing things about human beings, in how quickly we can evolve through technology and through using our minds [they copied the squirrel suit]. If you think about a flying squirrel, it took . . . millions of years to evolve the ability to jump from a high altitude and land uninjured.” So, he’s saying that God didn’t make the flying squirrel as it is. It didn’t originally have the ability to fly. It had no wings, and over millions of years it began to evolve (small wings), and passed those semi-evolved wing-thing genes onto its offspring, until we eventually ended up with the flying squirrel. Okay, let’s go with that for a moment. The first squirrel has no wings. He can't fly, but he attempts to fly through the trees, hits the ground with a terrible thud (that’s what happens when you try to fly and you don’t have wings). He was either seriously injured, or more than likely, he tragically died. Whatever the case, his offspring also jumped without wings, and no doubt meets the same fate. So did their offspring, and so did theirs. So, why would wings begin to evolve in the genes of the successive generations of unwinged squirrels, when the first and the successive flights failed miserably? Don't say that it was a case of "survival of the fittest." There were no "survivors." The flying experiment was a disaster. However, the alternative is to say that God made flying squirrels with wings, and that's not a consideration. Evolution is an intellectual embarrassment. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the believers of the fairy-tale of evolution.